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Alachua County Public Schools

Program Location:

Various middle and high schools.

Program Contact:

Uma Shankar


The Alachua County Public School system offers an array of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs which prepare students to enter directly into the workforce.

Program Type:


Certificate Type:

In addition to the standard high school diploma, most CTE programs have an industry certification or some other certificate of completion document.

Time of Day:

School hours


The person must be a student in the school system and most programs are 2-4 years in length, that is the students will take at least one program career course each year in high school.

Common Age Group:

6th grade - 12th grade

Average Number of Participants:

Several hundred students are enrolled in our CTE programs in any given school year.


Yes, there are SFC and ACPS Foundation scholarships at the local level and the state awards the Gold Seal scholarship for any CTE student who qualifies.


Each one of our Career Academies is required to have an Advisory Board comprised of people who work in the industry for direction and feedback.


Several of our CTE programs have articulation agreements with SFC and other colleges and universities so that students may earn college credit. SFC also has programs that are direct extensions of the ACPS CTE programs where students can continue their career pathway.


In summary, we represent the Career and Technology Education department in Alachua County Public Schools.