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Take Stock in Children

Program Location:

Happens on school property. Kids have to be accepted to program, free or reduced lunch, at least 2.5 GPA, and apply, obtained from website, or from school guidence councelor alahua county public

Program Contact:

Rachel Debigare


Program of education foundation of Alachua County. Works with at risk low income middle and high school students, students find a contract in middle school that says they are going to keep a 2.5 GPA, stay drug and crime free, and meet with a mentor. During program receive case management, advocates, etc. monitor grades, behavior, attendance.

Graduate and get a 2 year shcolarship

Program Type:


Certificate Type:

Medal of completion and certificate

Time of Day:

Business hours, occasional evening events


In until they graduate form high school, most come in in 7th grade

mentors once per week, see advocates twice per semester
intervention services as needed


Gaining an important mentor relationship can shape future. Younger siblings of students who have seen success are more likely to see success and attend college as well

Meals Provided:

sometimes, if there is an evening event

Common Age Group:

middle school- high school graduation

Average Number of Participants:

330 through 7-12 grade


Yes, if a student maintains the minimum requirements and graduates from high school, they receive a college scholarship


Alachua County Public Schools





Program Website: