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Community Foundation of North Central Florida

Program Location:

3919 West Newberry Road- Harbor Bank building

Program Contact:

Barzella Papa


Local charitable organization that helps and works with donors to establish charitable funds, provide the groundwork for the funds. Alternative to creating a private foundation.
Anyone can create a fund under the community foundation, and get the tax deduction.
programs of center for nonprofit excellence- running program, offer a year round training workshop webinars etc, for non profit executives, staff, etc.

Currently have more than 60 charitable funds
distribute 1.3 million in grants

Program Type:

both, mostly in person.

Certificate Type:

no, if it is continuing education especially in financial sector, many courses are CEU approved.

Time of Day:

Business hours


Different trainings vary, the website gives a clear idea of how long each training is.


Provide awareness of charitable organizations in community

Common Age Group:


Average Number of Participants:

more than 1200 people use the facility
over 300 attend workshop and training
many groups use meeting space
exceed $2 million of grants


Grants- non profit organizations apply for funding




no, but work closely with them, faculty help with workshops


member of center for non profit excellence charges a member fee
meeting space is free
no charge to apply for grants

Program Website: